1. Select the medical video modality that you wish by clicking on the corresponding thumbnail

2. Click the "Stream" button to view and select the desired MPEG-DASHed enabled video

3. Click the "Load" button to initiate the video streaming session

4. Use the video-like features at the bottom of the video player for pause/play/rewind/fast-forward

5. Rate the medical video based on the appropriate clinical protocol using the rating scale from 1-10

6. Provide any comments and/ or clinical observations in the designated text box

1. This is beta version of the correlation feature

2. Select the medical video that you wish from the "Video Category" Drop-down box

3. Select the Objective Video Quality Assessment Metric that you wish from the "VQA Metric" Drop-down box

4. Click on the "Correlation"

5. The Pearson-Correlation index will appear on a modal window

6. Close the window and reperat process for different video categories and VQA metrics

1. A video is encoded at different video resolutions and compression levels

2. Different video respresentations are encapsulated in a media presentation description file

3. Once the the video streaming session is launced the appropriate representation is selected based on user experienced bandwidth

4. This process is repeated throughout the video streaming session to maximize user-experience

5. The whole process is seamless to the user